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Diplomat is the perfect place to get my workout accomplished.  As a swimmer who has represented the United States at the national and international level competitively, I have always found the Diplomat pool to be one of the most outstanding pools.  I count on being able to get my work out laps in without interference of other swimmers and not being pressured by others to finish up before my workout is complete.  I find the Diplomat to have a comfortable atmosphere, it is exceptionally clean and the staff is professional, courteous and most of all, they listen to their members’ needs. ~Tracy Spalding Pennea, Blauvelt

Since joining the Diplomat over a year ago it has made daily exercising a pleasure and not a chore!  Bruce Woolley and his staff over extend themselves not only to make everyone feel so upbeat at the Club  but also go above and beyond to keep the Club well maintained and sparkling clean.  I continue to recommend the Club to my friends and family. ~Joe Di Bernardo, Old Tappan

I Love Diplomat Health & Swim Club because of the positive, upbeat, friendly attitude of the staff, the dignity and respect they give to all members regardless of age skill or ability!  I love the feeling I have that maybe I can live to 100+ when I leave ~LM, Wesley Hills

No fancy clothes. Comfortable atmosphere whether you’re heavy or very thin, no one judges you. You’ll “fit in" ~ B.B, Closter, NJ

Non- intimidating! No Pink Leotards here. …it feels like home. And you can open the window ~ BR

It’s a great place. The people make it that way. From the staff to the members you always get a smile and an encouraging word. You want to go where everybody knows your name. ~ BS,Tappan, NY

I have Multiple Sclerosis and need to exercise regularly. The staff are so kind and helpful. ~ C. McG.,Piermont, NY

Family environment and friendly service with a smile ~ CV, Norwood, NJ

It's like a little dip in Heaven. Heated pool, hot tub, sauna, state of the art fitness equipment, and classes to fit everybody. A hidden gem! ~ CT

Good health involves a positive spirit coupled with taking care of the mind and body. This is easily achieved at the Diplomat because members are treated as family. The staff knows every member on a first name basis which makes the Diplomat a very positive, caring environment. ~ DD, West, Nyack, NY

Member satisfaction is top priority. I return home after each exercise session having enjoyed a good workout and a welcoming atmosphere. I'm family at the Diplomat! ~ DN,

The friendly staff encourages me. '… the variety of equipment entices me. '… the glorious pool envelops me. '… the Diplomat is where it's at! ~ DG, Valley Cottage, NY

For me it is truly a “Haven for Health”. One feels like part of a family, much needed in one’s life, all striving for the same thing- to stay well!!! ~ DS, Norwood, NJ

No matter what's going on in the world outside, I relax the minute I walk in the door ~ EP, Nyack, NY

The staff is great! It's convienent and close to home ~ FT

Of the diverse selection of exercise equipment, classes, and the friendly staff. I also like the low key atmosphere ~ JB, New City, NY

Bodypump and my weekly swims helped turn my 10K best from 49 min to 44 min. Because of the Diplomat, I started off the 2009 racing season with a personal best 6:54 mile! I'm in the best shape of my life! ~ JC

Diplomat is cost efficient. Diplomat is clean. Diplomat is convenient. Diplomat is fair. Diplomat keeps me healthy ~ JR

Family atmosphere, clean facility, and modern equipment. Bruce is always open to suggestions and the price is right! ~ KC, Pearl River, NY

They care about their clients!!! And they helped me lose 79lbs. ~ LH

Of its warm and friendly atmosphere. I'd rather drive 14 miles to the Diplomat than go 3 miles to a health and swim club closer to home. ~ MNL, Suffern, NY

Of the warmth of the whirlpool, the warmth of the sauna, the warmth of the sun shining on the pool, the warmth of the glow of good health, and most of all, the warmth of the people ~ MB

It's a great place to exercise. The staff is wonderful and it feels like a second home to me ~ MT

Being at the club is like a mini vacation from the cold winter ~ MH

It is a refuge. When I'm working out, I'm in my own world with just the goals I've set for myself. For the rest of the day I feel the after glow of a good workout, then I'm ready to take on challenges ~ MLD, Nyack, NY

Bruce and staff make you feel like part of the family ~ MR, Grandview, NY

Of the great fun and flexibility I get from the water aerobics classes with Jane and Laura ~ PO

It has a “home like” feeling. When I swim/exercise at the Diplomat I am ready to start the day with new energy. The staff is always warm and friendly. There is no better place to start the day ~ PV,

Six years ago I had triple bypass heart surgery. I spent 25 days in the hospital and 3 months in therapy. I came to the Diplomat and Bruce worked with me to do more helpful therapy. I love it here because of the sincere caring, concern, and genuine interest for each member ~ PB

3 months, 20 pounds, 3 inches off my waist, and now I can run up the stairs without losing my breath! ~ RZ, Nyack, NY

If health is wealth, the Diplomat is the friendly bank ~ RA, Palisades, NY

Of the family atmosphere and members, most of whom are my age. They have all the facilities that I would want or need ~ RL

The staff and members are like an extended family. If you are away for a long vacation, when you return you are greeted with warmth and enthusiasm ~ RW, Tappan, NY

Everyone here is very friendly and knowledgeable with creative activities. Pool, Sauna, and Jacuzzi are plus points. Most of all the Aerobics, Yoga, and personal training options work great for me ~ SK, Palisades, NY

It's family! ~ MF

The facilities are great. The staff is friendly and helpful. The late hours of the club work great for my schedule ~ TH, Orangeburg, NY

It has a pool, sauna, whirlpool, and all the training/ weight room equipment I need for a full workout at very reasonable rates. Excellent location and a great staff ~ VDC, Nyack, NY

It is like a second home to me. Friendly atmosphere and the staff is excellent ~ SW, Nyack, NY

I can exercise, meet old and new friends in a health facility run by a dedicated staff ~ KW, Tappan, NY

It's a nice atmosphere. We're like a family and I would recommend to anyone to join ~ PM, Pearl River, NY

Diplomat Health Club is a pleasant place to be. Great teachers lead me through both challenging and relaxing classes. The cliental and staff contribute to make exercise enjoyable. Thank you Bruce for running such a fine gym ~ JK

Of the warm and friendly staff and pleasant experiences I have had there for over fifteen years ~ FT

It keeps me moving all winter. I love swimming in the cold while I'm in a heated pool ~ JT, Pearl River, NY

I Love Diplomat when I enter the door and see lots of folks that I truly adore. From Maude's friendly smile to Bruce's charismatic style, and let's not forget Kate who is top rate. All these folks make the Diplomat great ~ SC

It is a spa where anyone can become fit and stay fit with the supportive care of Bruce Woolley, his family, and his staff ~ MP

Of the people! Sure, the club, pool, and facilities are always clean, well-maintained and perfectly laid out (with outdoor views from every room), but it's the warmth and support of Bruce, Maude, Kate, and Jess that makes the Diplomat really special. Thanks Guys!! ~ PF, Palisades, NY

They're professional, warm, friendly, and courteous. A total, unique experience. They're more like family than a business ~ WO

They are the most caring and honest family oriented gym, and it's my great pleasure to be a member there ~ WD, Closter, NJ

For over 30 years the staff has been the best any where! Great pool, great service and equipment ~ CH

It's a nice atmosphere, very low-key, and never crowded! ~ LW

It's a laid-back gym with terrific instructors, unpretentious members, and is run by a great family who really care ~ EJ, Sparkill, NY

It gives your body what it wants from swimming, weight training, cardio fitness classes, personal training, and educational seminars at a price you can afford in a clean, reliable, responsive environment with a professional and friendly staff ~ JK, Tappan, NY

Of the knowledgeable, dedicated owners and their professional teaching staff, creating a comfortable atmosphere for exercising, promoting health and well-being for all who join ~ LH, Valley Cottage, NY

It makes me feel so young ~ MM

Not only are the staff helpful, fun, and enjoyable to be around so are the other members of the club. It makes working out a pleasure not a chore ~ CF, Dumont, NJ

The Pool!! A lane is always open and after the laps the hot tub is a great reward and relaxer ~ JH

The facilities are excellent and the staff unfailingly friendly and helpful ~ PH, New City, NY

I was feeling ragged, frumpy, and drained. I didn't think I could muster the time or the energy to get in shape, but I knew that there would be bigger consequences if I didn't. I had a few excuses to delay the start (kids, old bones, and injuries). When I finally made the effort to get myself in gear I realized how much more energy I had to deal with my hectic schedules. Now I feel drained if I don't make it to the club! Thank you from I happy, healthier customer ~ AO, Nyack, NY


It is a home away from home, where you will find friendship, warmth and good humor.  I have worked in the fitness field for over 30 years and I have never seen a club that can match "The Dip" for creating a supportive community.  ~ SM,

I can walk again without pain.  FD 

Heflpful, friendly family atmosphere for both staff and members.  A variety of activities and equipment.  Full facilities for any taste.  ~ HL 

[Swim lessons with Mary Pat]
I recommend her highly, even for experienced swimmers.  She is worth every penny you invest in her lessons.  MB 

I love the Diplomat Health and Swim Club because of its low key positive energy approach.  SN, Norwood, NJ

I love the Diplomat Health and Swim Club because of Maude and Lora leading bodypump and Mary Pat as the swimming traner.  I thought I knew how to swim until I geban working with Mary Pat.  She improved my strokes beyond my expectation.  ~ JH

 love the Diplomat Health and Swim Club because it is fun to swim.  My mom works here.  It is fun. ~ K